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27 Years of Innovative Product Design Experience

-27 years of innovative product design experience -17 international design awards -Recognition in hundreds of publications world wide At peter solomon design, we can provide innovative solutions, insightful market analysis and dynamic product ideas. Please like & share:

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Blank Solid White 3D Billboard on Cloudy Blue Sky. Outdoor Advertising Theme.

Predicting technology doesn’t make it yours. Tame it to own it!

“Edison didn’t invent electricity, Apple didn’t invent the computer desktop, Google didn’t invent the self-driving car, blah, blah, blah,…… “  people bicker about who invented what first, but unfortunately, its not about who thought of an idea first, its about who brings it to life. You need to predict the application of the technology, demonstrate […]

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Ways of Designing and innovation: Peter Solomon. | WOW! (Ways Of Working) webmagazine

Ways of Designing and innovation: Peter Solomon. | WOW! (Ways Of Working) webmagazine Ways of Designing and innovation: Peter Solomon. | WOW! (Ways Of Working) webmagazine Please like & share:

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cool video of an illustrator doing free hand drawing of logos

It is interesting to see his skill, but just as interesting to see how each famous logo has its distinguished design language and graphic gesture which distinguishes it.   I Can’t Believe This Designer Can Draw All These Logos By Hand Please like & share:

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Solutions to bring Manufacturing back to the USA

We can do it. It is possible to profitably produce goods in the USA and bring production back home, and grow our economy while doing so. Having one of the largest consumer markets without internal borders, the many advantages of having local production, the multiple cost savings of local production, the trustworthiness of ‘Made in […]

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Copy Stamp Showing Duplicate Replicate Or Reproduction

No, I won’t create a variant of your competitor’s product, …..but do you really want that?

Are you on the path to being another me-too company? Planning on imitating the products of the leading competitors and just underbidding them? Bad path, bad strategy. There is always someone else who is going to underbid you and displace you. And what part of your strategy is actually building your brand and creating a […]

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business man writing business strategy

the wonderfully complex profession of Industrial Design

While evangelizing industrial design I frequently meet potential clients trying to grasp just what it is that I do and ask:  so, are you an engineer or an artist? a more appropriate question might be: are you an engineer, an artist, a marketer, an anthropologist, a businessman, a sales expert, a product manager, a manufacturing […]

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oh, how I dislike the american measuring system, how much more refined is metric

here is, at least, a handy chart if you do need to convert simple fractions and decimaled US measurements to metric: how very primitive we are measuring by body parts chopped in half and then half again and again…… Fractional Inches Metric 1/64 .0156 0.396 1/32 .0312 0.79387 3/64 .0468 1.190 1/16 .0625 1.587 5/64 […]

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