Blank Solid White 3D Billboard on Cloudy Blue Sky. Outdoor Advertising Theme.

Predicting technology doesn’t make it yours. Tame it to own it!

Blank Solid White 3D Billboard on Cloudy Blue Sky. Outdoor Advertising Theme.

Blank Solid White 3D Billboard on Cloudy Blue Sky. Outdoor Advertising Theme.

“Edison didn’t invent electricity, Apple didn’t invent the computer desktop, Google didn’t invent the self-driving car, blah, blah, blah,…… “  people bicker about who invented what first, but unfortunately, its not about who thought of an idea first, its about who brings it to life.

You need to predict the application of the technology, demonstrate the need, show you can make it work elegantly realistically and within costs, get it into the people’s hands and make them love it, and only then – YOU OWN IT!

It takes a lot of courage to believe in an idea that has not been proven yet, invest in it, dedicate resources to it, spend money on it, go through all of the set backs and work arounds, all without the guarantee that it will work or be a success.  Thats why there are so many followers rather than leaders.

Most technologies which seem so cutting edge such as; drone delivery of packages by Amazon, self driving cars by Google, desirable electric vehicles by Tesla, personal computing by Apple, touch screen phones by Apple, we not invented by those companies.  In fact, the technologies and the idea that they would be diffused was around far before each of them.  However it took a visionary company with the drive to make it work well and determination to get it to market for a fair price to make the technology accessible.  At that moment They Own the Technological Bragging Rights.  Everyone else jumps in shortly after, once they see the water is fine and each then begins pointing fingers about who did what first.  However, it is the first one to dive in that claims the ribbon.

Many ideas that science fiction writers, theoretical scientists, movie makers have dreamed about for our future are actually coming to life, but the credit ultimately goes to those who tamed the technology, brought it to the masses in an elegant way that resolves real issues.


Do you agree?   

What other existing technologies were tamed by the a visionary driven company?There are many historic examples, like flying machines by the Wright Brothers…..

What new great technologies need to be tamed to become integral parts of our daily lives?

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