client: XOX Audio Tools

project name: the Handle

designer credits: peter solomon design

awards: Most Innovative Guitar of NAMM Award 2006, Best Guitar of NAMM Award 2007 and Good Design Award 2006.



XOX Audio Tools the Handle

When peter solomon design was contacted by Paolo Storti the head of sales and marketing for a small Italian luthier, he stated that electric guitars have remained basically unchanged for 70 plus years since their invention, couldn’t the innovative studio psd bring some real innovation to the field?

After very thorough contextual research interviewing and working with; musicians, luthiers, sound engineers, instrument salesmen, and forums of every sort, we began to look for the right materials and construction that would satisfy the many, many objective each person had describes would be necessary in their dream instrument. While exploring materials, one material, Carbon Fiber, stood out above the rest. It was stable even under temperature and humidity changes, very stiff and strong, lightweight and had better transmission of sound waves through the material than wood. There were various companies experimenting with single elements in Carbon Fiber but never a full instrument. So we designed a body with a familiar outline, and removed as much unused material as possible, the hollow sections of the neck and body create resonance chamber for fuller sound, the stiffness of the material ensured amazing unparalleled sustain, it doesn’t go out of tune, warp or even split with humidity changes, it is super lightweight and thin and easy to play. And most importantly the sound was fantastic. The original company did not have the funds nor vision to see it through appropriately and peter solomon design decided to sell the idea to another company. Paolo Storti left the company and asked Peter Solomon to create a new company with him around this guitar, together with another two key partners Emilio Cassani and Mauro Losi they created XOX Audio Tools. And after at least 6 major revisions and years of experimenting the Handle guitar was brought to market. The first year it was displayed at NAMM, the world’s largest, most important, music trade-show, it won the Most Innovative Guitar of NAMM Award 2006, the next year an acoustic electric version, the Duo, won the Best Guitar of NAMM Award. It also won the Good Design of 2006 Award. Various models have been made both standard and custom each with its own personality, sound, features and style. Amazing musicians have sought XOX out and we have had the pleasure of their collaboration, company and helping to develop the best instruments for them. The guitar has been published in countless articles and books and magazines, and is part of 2 permanent museum collections of guitars.

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Handle Guitar (Rod DeGeorge Model)

the duo guitar demo

Stevie Salas blown away by the Billytone!

Awesome Guitar Shred on XOX Audio Tool’s "The Handle"

Shaunna Hall guitarist for George Clinton Performs

XOX booth Musikmesse 2009 (Earl Slick & Enrico Santacatterina)

MURASAKI WARRIOR by Rastapoupajami, XOX Audio Tools Demo

Blondie - ‘Heart Of Glass’ At NME Awards 2014