client: Private Venture
project name: LFRP WheelChair Concepts 

designer credits: peter solomon design

LFRP Wheel Chair Concepts

A private group of inventors and entrepreneurs commissioned peter solomon design with one of the most complex and difficult briefs: design an electric wheelchair that is light and can fold flat by a single user to slip in his back seat of the car if needed, that can recline in a zero gravity position and that gives back dignity to the wheel chair user. And on top of all of that it must be economic such that stingy insurance plans would cover the costs.

The battery pack and power train was to be self-contained in a tube between the rear wheels. peter solomon design first developed the mechanisms to be sure that this could even be done efficiently, functionally, and with lightweight. There is a video documenting the reclining, folding, and unfolding of the chair section.

The reclining needed to be accomplished with mostly easy shifting of ones weight. peter solomon design then created 6 concepts of construction, materials, and lifestyle appropriate designs. The result; a lightweight folding, reclining, elegant and economic electric wheelchairs that any user would be proud to be seated in.

We are currently awaiting their official launch on the market.

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Pantograph, Zero Gravity Reclining, Folding Mechanism