client: Sherman’s Confections   

project name: Snot Nose Candy   

designer credits: peter solomon

Sherman’s Confections Snot Nose Candy

While working as a model maker and prototyper with Hamilton Prototypes, Sherman’s Confections commissioned us to design disgusting, provoking candy toys for young boys. Well we gave it to them! The original design was a blow molded nose shaped container with green gooey liquid candy that one would suck out by piercing a nostril with a straw. The final piece in construction was altered by adding a valve under the nose that could be opened and reclosed but was similar to the original idea. It came with cool gross me out packaging graphics, was sold for less than $2 in all convenience stores and around the world and quickly became an icon of boys toys. When Colored published a full page spread on it, it solidified as a classic. And now you can find it on collector’s sites for $65 and more.