client: SEV

project name:  Nova System

designer credits: peter solomon and alessio pozzoli

SEV Nova System

When SEV’s first request was for a new shop fitting system was that it be low cost so they can sell at base prices. They were overjoyed when we gave them a system that satisfied low cost but also middle and top-end with various materials, finishes, and configurations. When Alessio Pozzoli and Peter Solomon began to analyze the typical shop fitting systems, they realized that the structure was typically purely functional and not attractive so it was necessary to cover up the underlying structure with panels and other elements to create the aesthetic of the system. The designers began to conceptualize a structure so elegant it could stand on its own without covers, so simple it could be cost effective and fit with many different shop styles, and so unique it maintained it own character. The structure was made with oval sectioned steel tubes with a beautiful butterfly punch pattern cut down the length to act as hook system for all accessories, the connection pieces were elbows with the same section as the tubes creating an image of continual bent tube. One could use the structure to make wall systems, free standing shelf systems, gondolas, racks, tables. Then the accessories began to grow and grow with various materials for rear panels from pressed steel sheet (economic but elegant) to wood panels with grooves for smaller accessories to back lit frosted glass. The system was available with an overhead fabric covered soft light to illuminate the merchandise and provide a light ambient element. Wire accessories were created to hold shoes, balls, gloves, glasses, etc. Linear, curvy and illuminating shelves were created. The end result; a catalogue of parts as large as a yellow pages that permitted one to custom build the shop system of his needs, style and budget. The system was named NOVA and received much market success.