client:  SEV

project name:  Euroshop Stand     

designer credits: peter solomon and alessio pozzoli

SEV Euroshop Stand

When SEV had begun to produce NOVA and knew they were going to exhibit in the triennial Euroshop tradeshow and commissioned Solomon and Pozzoli to design the stand. The designers realized that the booth space SEV had previously reserved was too small for the full NOVA system and their other products, it would begin to be a claustrophobic labyrinth of vertical walls with shelf systems on each.   So they endeavored to create a translucent, light, open, illuminated stand which produced the opposite effect. They designed giant illuminating columns (a tribute and reference to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax Building) which created the central feel of the space as well as being tall beacons to attract visitors from all areas. The exterior walls were covered with white translucent fabric and illuminated from within. The doorways were wide open and inviting, and people wanted to enter just to feel and appreciate the space. SEV received many envious compliments from their competition, and their clients loved the stand and used it as a point of reference for meetings and relaxation.