client: Uncommissioned

project name:   Fluid Female Form, Fell From Sky

designer credits: peter solomon


The Fluid Female Form is a nickel plated bronze sculpture that is about 16” tall and plays with the beautiful curving fluid forms of the female body, the light reflecting off a metallic body and moving perspectives of the viewer. It Fell from Sky is an urban sculpture destined to be created 18 feet tall and placed in a central plaza of an urban landscape. Its purpose is to divide the unnaturally rectilinear space of skyscraper delimited city plazas with an organic form which splits the air with a natural curvature creating breathing negative spaces. Reflections of the sky, clouds and birds would be cast around the sculpture gracing the city with nature, the base may house a layer of water rippling over the base rings or remain dry. This sculpture is currently looking for its appropriate city.