client: SACMI

project name: PH 7200 

designer credits: isao hosoe design with peter solomon


When SACMI commissioned us to help design its most powerful ever press for the ceramic industry, they expected merely a slight aesthetic touch-up, and were delighted with how we made the machine user friendly and technologically advanced. The elliptical shape is derived from miles of braided cables which are wrapped around the press to keep it together while it is exerting 7200 tons of pressure. Through many visits to ceramic factories we came to realize that there was an excessive amount of powder building up on every surface they would stick to like a snow covered village. The factory owners and engineers at SACMI said this was just an uncomfortable side effect of the industry that is created when the press comes down to compact the dry ceramic dust and impossible to filter from the air, believe them, they have tried. We first removed all of the valves, tubes, and controls from the front of the machine that the daily operator had no use to access making a smoother front that would not collect dust and making more evident the areas of needed intervention. Then we experimented with and verified the successful application of fan of air that is shot from the front toward the back and a vacuum hood at the rear which creates a vortex when the press closes and eliminates the dust at point of creation. This air flow system was so effective, and cost less than $500 for a million dollar plus machine that they use it on most machines produced today.