client: Rococo

project name: Bar Interior

designer credits: peter solomon design


When a famous quaint Baroque style bar in Milan wanted to renovate and update without loosing its historic charm, they asked peter solomon design to find a new formal identity. The studio amalgamated classic details of the baroque and rococo periods with modern elements for charm, drama, and warmth. It was a great experiment and outside the common styles of the studio, however, the result was surprisingly stimulating and comfortable. Preserved were; the gold-leaf wall treatments, use of burgundy velvet curtains and brick and marble, yet added was swooping curved bar under blown olive shaped lamps, glass shelves illuminated from below for glasses and bottles. The lighting was maintained dark, yet point spots lit each table and downward lights illuminated the gold-leaf walls in spots from behind the curvy burgundy curtains. There was even a humorously provoking neon sign in the hallway to the bathroom where a line was generally uncomfortably formed. the sign was hung on the ceiling for those curious enough to look up and find ‘wait’ spelled out in red neon, further prompting an impatient laugh from those in line.