client: Racer X

project name:  Hybrid Race Bike

designer credits: peter solomon design

Racer X

The Cazzinga Brothers asked peter solomon design to rethink the top-of-the-line racing bike frame. Beginning with contextual research interviewing bicycle racers, specialized shop owners, and advanced composites department of the Institute of Polymer Engineering in Zurich, we identified major draw backs and short comings of this very advanced material and construction of the current frames. Major points identified and resolved through our designs were as follows. Reduction of vibrations caused by the extreme stiffness of the carbon fiber material we created thinner walled horizontally oriented sections and a curved rear joints of the top tube and seat stays to promote flexing in specific directions when hitting an obstacle, we elaborated new composites including vibration dampening elastomers to be mixed into the composite in specific areas to enhance performance. We also found that due to the extreme rigidity and thin walls, the bikes were prone to cracking if hitting a bump at fast speed, rendering the frame worthless, by adding the elastomer to the composite we projected that we would reduce cracking by 50%.

We reinforced lateral energy loss due to bending while pedaling by creating a more rigid rear wheel carriage in the horizontal lower frame. The curvature of the seat tube and its freedom of movement within the top tube also promoted shock absorption and comfort. Front forks were positioned in optimal angle for fast speed turning, providing lateral stiffness while allowing up and down flexing. The frame tested to date, and we look forward to a formal introduction to the market in the near future.