client: Luxo  

project name: Onda

designer credits: isao hosoe design with peter solomon

awards:  Compassod’Oro Award 2004,Good Design Award 2000, Lights of the Future Award 2002.


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Luxo Onda

What started out as a side project that Peter Solomon came up with and worked off hours to develop, while working for Isao Hosoe Design, soon became one of Luxo’s most sought after lighting system winning the prestigious Compassod’Oro Award 2004, as well as a Good Design Award 2000 and the Lights of the Future Award 2002.

The idea was to remove ambient strip lighting from inset ceilings and create a hanging, light, elegant wave-like sail pierced by a simple tube running across the room overhead. The tube contains the light bulb and electronics, the metal sail diffusor bounces light softly into the room and the perforations in the diffusor allow a bit of light to pass to avoid dark spots, which can create eye fatigue. Mounting the sail upward gives primary downward light, mounting the sail downward gives primary upward light, and by alternating one can create dramatic lighting ambient.   The mounting system allows one to choose the direction on the spot and even turn it over at a later time.