client: Wicked Lasers

project name: Mantis Laser Range Finder Dazzler

designer credits: peter solomon design

Wicked Lasers Mantis LRF Dazzler

While psd by its own self imposed morality will not design or collaborate on any lethal weaponry, this project intrigued us and did not pose any lethal threats. Wicked Lasers was developing a Laser Dazzler which would temporarily dazzle or blind a person by shining in their eyes, this technology was tested on Mid-Eastern road blocks and found it saved many lives in contrast to standard arms when there was a vehicle which did not head warning and slow down in time. The big challenge was to adjust the strength of the beam instantaneously to adapt to the distance of the target such that it would be strong enough for targets 500 yards away yet not permanently damage eyes at a foot away. This was accomplished by adding a Laser Range Finding system, the three lens front housing was needed to accommodate the LRF and the Dazzler. The styling needed to be serious, military, and fit with other weaponry, the body needed to be able to fit onto rifle scope mounts, and many formal concepts were presented. Mantis was chosen and a first prototype is shown here. The final production model cannot be shown until the product is ready for market.