client: Lego

project name: Hands-On Concepts

designer credits: peter solomon design

Lego Hands-On Concepts

Lego was finding certain countries in Europe to be less successful than others, and after researching certified that many of the northern countries did enjoy tinkering and building, other southern countries, like Italy and Spain, preferred hands-on, rougher play activities and therefore looked less to Lego.  Lego then poised a challenge to create new product concepts for the roughhouse play type of child.  Lego was not interested in complete ready to go products since they had teams of hundreds of designers and technicians creating the optimum assemblies from any given idea.  psd created a series of concept sketches illustrating how a child may use legos to create more aggressive play constructions.   Shown here are the following concepts:  1  a down hill chaotic ball game that the user hits large buttons which exert a gust of air to blow open the appropriate door inorder to collect as many balls as possible.  2  Remote controlled car chasis pre assembled, the child just has to assemble and create arms to scoop or grab balls, and he is ready to play against his friends.  The objective; get as many balls as you can back to your home station to win.   3.  Similar remote controlled chassis, which allow you to mount a ball launcher and shoot light blow molded balls at cardboard castles of the opponent.  4.  A rotating rubber belt with Lego snap features which allow the child to customize his obstacle course, the driver then raises and lowers his plane while trying to drop balls into the target holes.