client: Luxo

project name: Hoi  

designer credits: peter solomon design

awards: Good Design Award 1999, IF Design Award 1998, Bio 16 Award

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Luxo Hoi

Luxo, famous for the original 5 spring architects lamp L-1 by Jac Jacobsen in 1937, found itself in need of a new task lamp.  It seemed that every illumination company in the far east was making a cheaper copy, and Luxo needed an iconic task lamp with just as much flexibility and functionality, which could be produced in Europe in such a way that the far East could not produce cheaper.

We designed the Hoi lamp to reduce manual labor to a minimum, relying heavily on the advantageous of complex injection molded PC parts. The whole assembly snaps together and requires only 3 screws for security.  The lamp has a wider range of movement and coverage than the original and it costs less to make than the original while being no more cost effective in Asia.

Hoi was designed while Peter Solomon was working as Senior Designer and Project Leader at Isao Hosoe Design.

Hoi won the Good Design Award 1999, the IF Design Award 1998, and Bio 16 Award.