client: California Pro

project name: Hockey and Advanced In-Line Skates

designer credits: peter solomon design

California Pro In-Line Skate Concepts

Three different inline skate concepts were created each a result of intense research into various skating stlyes and the lifestyles of the skaters.  The first the Advanced skate made for recreational street riders, boasted the first ever minimal exoskeleton with an exposed soft inner boot.  There are front and rear inserts which are interchangeable with various levels of rigidity to  customize the flex of the skate.  The wheels were mounted to an internal sub chassis and were fixed to the skate with shock absorbing mounts for smoother street riding.  There were frontal lower vents which bought in fresh air under the sole and kept the foot fresh and dry.

The second skate shown is the Hockey skate, this was created with a rigid bottom assembly and a soft fabric covered foam boot with leather straps.  The sculpted pattern in the sides was the first time ever used in foot wear (later seen on many running shoes).  Since most hockey skaters removed the rear brake and relied on a side ways skid-stop like ice hockey we removed the typical rear brake. Instead we invented a small wheel which could only touch when in a side leaning position and when one rocked back on his heels, when this wheel would touch the ground a pad would be lowered to the rear wheels bringing the skater to a full stop.  The last was a futuristic skate which boasted a new shock absorbing wheel mount and sweeping curves.  Peter Solomon developed these skates while working with Onami Design.