client: Boeing

project name: Spatial Spheres

designer credits peter solomon design

Boeing Spatial Spheres

Boeing was in need of new revolutionary concepts for interiors of private 727 jets.  There are very large and expensive aircraft and sold to presidents, or very wealthy individuals.  Upon studying of usage patterns of the plane owners and guests, we came to realize that although there was an abundance of space on this aircraft, people tended to use one area all together, over filling that space while not taking advantage of the unused spaces.  We created 4 half spherical walls which could rotate on axis and become a full convex or concave wall or swing out of the way when not needed.  By reorienting the walls throughout the day one could create larger spaces as needed taking borrowing space from unused areas.  Different living and social situations were studied and created with these divisions as illustrated on the images above Peter Solomon led the design team while working as project leader at Isao Hosoe Design.