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The multicultural, interdisciplinary experience of peter solomon design increases the value of its clients’ products, subsequently elevating the status of their brand. The studio blends the elegance and personality of an Italian product design company with solid American technological know-how.

Designing innovative, passion-evoking products based on profound human insights is the studio’s mission.

Multiple research techniques including contextual, ethnographic, and disciplined chaotic investigation are essential to discovering key user insights, which provide an opportunity for significant innovation. Proficient knowledge of market strategy, production methods, and materials combined with ingenuity, creativity and sleek aesthetics guide the transition from concept into successful product.

peter solomon design‘s rich experience across many industries provides an exchange of information which can assist most companies, to create award winning designs, best selling products, and secure their place as market leader.

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Peter Solomon was born in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from Pratt Institute, New York in Industrial Design in the late eighties. For next five years he worked in California designing computers, peripherals, furniture, lighting, toys, exhibits, and interiors. During this period his work was also represented in five different galleries in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In 1992 he moved to Milan, Italy to obtain a masters in Industrial Design from Domus Academy, after which he worked as project leader at Isao Hosoe Design for six years. He established his studio in Milan in 2000 from which has designed a great variety of award winning products such as cell phones, furniture, lighting, office furniture, sporting equipment, train interiors, etc. While conducting this successful consultancy, he also founded and built two start-up companies: XOX Audio Tools, and Altra Design.

In 2011 he moved back to the USA with his family and took the position as Chair of Industrial Design at SCAD, and later became Design and Marketing Director at Marblue. In 2015 he re-launched his design consultancy in the USA.

Peter Solomon has taught and given seminars to undergraduate, master, and professional courses in industrial design at the Instituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy and at SCAD in Savannah, GA. His work is part permanent collection of design at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, has been recognized in hundreds of publications and has won many awards world- wide.


Whether your company needs a flagship product, a new product family to improve market shares, or a visionary developmental strategy, peter solomon design will deliver your solution.

peter solomon design offers the assurance of a complete design and strategy package, key in hand. The studio is also flexible enough to create a personalized proposal to each client’s specific needs.

Depending on the demands of each product the studio may unite a unique team of designers, engineers, color experts, graphic designers, and web experts to fulfill the company’s needs.

With over 27 years of multi-sectorial experience, 19 international design awards, recognition in hundreds of publications world wide, inventor of a dozen patents, infinite new dynamic ideas, rapid brainstorming and problem solving ability, and a passion for innovative solutions, peter solomon design is an instrumental asset to revitalize and stimulate your business.

peter solomon design offers the following services:

product design company - peter solomon design
product design studio
innovative product design
industrial product firm
product design consultants


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design process

peter solomon design offers a complete service solution, from initial identification of a company’s goals, through all phases of development, offering support, solutions, and ensuring the product moves smoothly into production.

Below is an example of peter solomon design’s nine key phases of successful product development.

  • 1. project brief

  • 2. research analysis

  • 3. define opportunities

  • 4. design ideation and application

  • 5. technical verification

  • 6. industrialization

  • 7. definitive design

  • 8. protoypes and testing

  • 9. production follow up

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  • 1. project brief

    peter solomon design works closely with client to understand company’s needs and collaboratively develop a design brief, which spells out major objectives and desires for the product or product line.

  • 2. research analysis

    peter solomon design will apply a range of techniques including; ethnographic research, contextual research, field research, competitive market analysis, state of the art analysis, trend research, and company history and evolution. These research methods will be used to discover insufficiencies with current product, work-arounds, accepted flaws, areas needing improvement, in other words, design opportunities.

  • 3. define opportunities

    Once research has uncovered the gems of design opportunities peter solomon design analyzes each to determine which may be of most impact on the consumer and the market, which has the most potential for great improvement in user’s lives, and therefore would lead to significant innovation.

  • 4. design ideation and application

    peter solomon design takes each of the design opportunities, brainstorm, and sketches how the opportunity might affect a specific product, thus evolving each into a unique design. The studio then applies these designs to the physical constraints of the product and begins to determine concrete design direction.

  • 5. technical verification

    peter solomon design mocks up elements at full scale in materials and methods, which allow for to testing and to resolve technical challenges. The studio consults with molders, or engineers, or technicians when needed, to determine feasibility early in the process and gain key knowledge for consecutive steps.

  • 6. industrialization

    Taking comments and advice from various experts and relying on the studio’s extensive manufacturing knowledge, peter solomon design prepares the designs for the appropriate production methods, optimizing parts, costs, and assembly.

  • 7. definitive design

    A full packet of designs is delivered to the client who may then consult with their engineers and molders. peter solomon design will help to adjust designs should there be a need for modifications.

  • 8. protoypes and testing

    Final prototypes or necessary testing may be done at this stage with the definitive design packet, allowing for full verification before tooling.

  • 9. production follow up

    peter solomon design ensures that designs move into production smoothly and is always on hand for rapid problem solving and alternative solutions should any difficulties arise. The studio remains involved until the product is in points of purchase and selling successfully.


With over 27 years of multi-sectorial experience, 19 International Awards, publication in many books on design and in hundreds of magazines, extensive teaching and lecturing, peter solomon design has affirmed their place as a leading dynamic and innovative product design company of the 21st century.


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